Monday, February 4, 2013

Just-In 2-4-13 | Brown Saltman Sideboard, Danish Modern Sidebaord, Plycraft Chair, Heywood Wakefield Furniture

It might seem like I have been away from the blog - I have.  I've done a little shopping and will make the pieces below available soon.  Some need work, some are available, while others I've already sold.  

I've picked a few items that I haven't pictured below, but I hope to picture soon.  They are:

A Vintage Neal Small Geometric Slopes Mirror

A Mid Century Modern 1960s Danish (Scandinavian) Brazilian Rosewood Sideboard
A Two Piece Vintage Sectional Sofa
A Danish Style Solid Mahogany Coffee Table with End Table

Make sure to check out my Currently For Sale  page above to see items that I've priced and are ready for sale!!

SOLD - This is a beautiful piece in what I like to call California Modern.  This piece is by Martin Borenstein for  Brown Saltman of California in the Variations line.  I also purchased the table that goes with this piece. Already SOLD...Sorry

A Mid Century Modern 1950s Danish teak sideboard (Buffet / Hutch).  Check out the door and joint cuts.  This piece was made by a "master" cabinet maker.  It is rare to find an item like this today.  I need to work on two doors (a couple of nicks) and the bottom piece needs a little work.  I hope I don't need to refinish the top of it.  If it were in my home, I wouldn't touch it. This piece might be sold already.  I'll update my Currently For Sale page when "IF" it becomes available.

A vintage 1970s Selig Lounge Chair.  The leather is in excellent condition (some fading), with all buttons attached and no rips in the leather.  I need to find a few small pieces for the base, tighten the screws, and give it a good clean.  This piece will be available soon.

A Heywood Wakefield black lounge chair and ottoman.  The vinyl retains it original gloss, but needs some repair.  There is a small slit on the ottoman. I purchased a few gliders for the feet and they should be in by 2-4-13. This piece is stunning and will be available soon.

I rarely shop on Craigslist.  One night I got the urge and found this vintage lounge chair.  Yes, it has been painted and yes it has been reupholstered. However, I couldn't resist it.  It is fun and a statement piece in any room. This piece is available now.

 SOLD - This is a wonderful chair that I've shared in the past.  This chair is in the style of IB Kofod Larsen's Elizabeth and Seal Chair. Already Sold....Sorry

A vintage Danish Modern Bernstorffsminde Mobelfabrik end table (also can be a side table or coffee table) by Borge Jensen and Sonner.  This piece is available now.

A Danish Modern roll top teak desk.  This is a mysterious piece and needs some TLC.  The original owner placed plants on the top (water damage) and it has been repainted.  The bottom drawer has been painted also.  Why is it mysterious.... I like the colors, but I need to do some touch up before I make it available for sale.   This piece will be available soon.

SOLD - This piece is not signed, but is attributed to C. Jere.  It is a vintage wire lion and is too cute not to share.  Already SOLD...Sorry

A Pair of Roy Sinclair mid century painting of Siamese cats on copper plate.  This items are available now.

A Vintage, 1962, pair of Masketeers Inc walnut and brass birds (ducks, herons, road runners, etc???).  These pieces are currently available.

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