Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Project - Mid Century Fireplace

I went to an estate auction this past Saturday for items other then mid-century furniture.  However, I walked away with a weekend project.

I was the only modern furniture buyer at the auction, but there was a farmer/rancher that wanted this piece also.  He made me pay for it.  Instead of professionally restoring the piece, I decided to head to Home Depot to buy some steel wool, phosphoric acid (rust neutralizer), metal primer, and paint and keep the piece for Nicole and myself.  By Monday evening and a total of 8 hours of work, the piece was complete.  Here are a couple of before and afters of my new outdoor fireplace.

Before - A rusty, but sturdy mess

Before - The back of the fireplace.  Yes, it is rusty, but the rust has not compromised the bones.

After...about eight hours of work.  We christened the fireplace tonight.  It is perfect for our needs.  We love it.

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  1. Hi! I just found a fireplace like this in a similar condition. Can you tell me what kind/brand of paint you used on the interior and exterior? Any tips on restoring a fireplace like this? Sorry if this is a repeat comment I've been having issues posting. Thank you!


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