Thursday, September 19, 2013

So I Sit....Studio Furniture...Jeremy Broun

So I sit.  I'm scrambling through many websites dedicated to the arts.  If you are on my blog there is a very good chance you appreciate the form of furniture.  Yes, most of my posts are dedicated to the mid-century pieces I am offering for sale.  However, my passion for architecture, pottery, glass, paintings, music, film making, clothing, creativity, form, nature and much more go behind the mid-century furniture you see here.

As I am studiously reading through blogs, websites, and Google, I stumbled across a Youtube video that made me pause.  As I watched videos from Jeremy Broun I thought...again...Of all the arts, why does our love for furniture NOT get as much credit as our other form of arts?  Well, after stewing for a moment or two, I still have no idea.  The studio furniture throughout the world is much more expensive to create then most pottery, glass, paintings, music, scripts, novels, jewelry, and much more. I believe the furniture we appreciate takes much more creativity to design. Yet, at auction, for the "sought after artists", the other arts see a significant difference in sales price. I have yet to see a singular piece of 20th century furniture sell for over $150K. Most of the "rare" pieces sell for under $50K. I see other pieces of art sell for well above these amounts.

Studio furniture is made by man's creativity, with man's hand, with all of God's gifts. We live on and with the art of furniture. Our furniture consumes the most space in our dwellings. Besides the roofs and walls we live "in", our furniture is what we live "on".   We view it and live it. 

Yes, I understand, the 20th century brought us manufacturing and the Mid-Century brought mass consumption. The mass produced furniture is not what I'm speaking of. I am NOT speaking of the Herman Millers, Knolls, or Fritz Hansens of the world.  I am speaking of the sole studio artists. The ones that designed and created with their own hands.  I'm speaking of the garages and the studios that our great furniture artisans work from.  In the United States we might correlate this studio furniture to the artsists from New Hope, PA, like Nakashima, Powell and Evans. Throughout the world there are many more.

Here are the two Youtube videos from Jeremy Broun, The British Studio Artist,  that started my thoughts. Where your thoughts go I have no clue...

I hope that I come across one of these pieces.  I could only imagine it would be like finding an original Tesla light bulb. Huh? The things that excite me.

I have no affiliation, no profit incentive, and I have not purchasd the full videos that I'm sharing.