Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Just-In...Plus much more. Arne Jacobsen, Pearsall, Cherner Pretzel Chairs, Mid Century, Danish, Modern, Vintage, Retro AND MORE...

Well, I'm back.  Sorry that I have not posted any new furniture for over a month.  I am way, way behind.  I took photos of these pieces at least three weeks ago.  I have so much more to share.  The first few photos I'm going to share are in excellent vintage condition.  Almost all of the rest need some sort of refinishing, upholstery or repair.  A few are currently available.  

Please stay with me.  Over the next several weeks I hope to have all of my new vintage modern furniture pieces posted.

Until then, here are some pieces I have in....

An Adrian Pearsall (Style) sofa and lounge chair with walnut accent arms in avocado green and plaid.  The fabric is original.  The walnut arms add a touch of elegance and refinement to a whole bunch of fun.  The upholstery is in excellent condition.  I will add these to my currently available page tonight.

A two piece set of American of Martinsville.  The three tiered end table is a favorite of many mod enthusiasts.  The coffee table is plain, yet offers a refined modern touch. These two pieces are available..and may I say amazing.

 A set of 5, original, vintage, Danish Modern Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen DOT, THREE LEG, stackable ant stools.  Developed by Fritz Hansen in the early 1950's and modified by Arne Jacobsen, the three leg DOT stool was presented to the marketplace in 1954.  The three leg stool was manufactured until 1970 then the stool went to four legs.  Here is a set of 5, pre 1970, three leg stools.  The legs have some patina/rusting and the veneer has some wear/chipping.  I am not going to refinish these stools. They will be available tonight.

A Danish, Scandinavian Modern vintage teak tea cart with white melamine veneer top in excellent condition.  This piece is available tonight.

Another Danish teak tea / serving cart in very good condition.  I have two of these.  This piece is available tonight.

A set of three, Norman Cherner for Plycraft, pretzel chairs.  The bones are great.  There are a few chips to the veneer and the vinyl has some scratching.  I just received 4 new Cherner wasp chairs (no arms) and will probably sell these as a set of 6 with one arm chair remaining.  These will be available soon.

 The first piece I am showing that needs work.  I need to refinish the top of this piece, adjust the drawers and do some touch up.  This is available as-is, but it will be a little while until I finish the project. 

So Cute, but also need work.  From here out, if you see "WHITE" brick behind the modern pieces, they are available or will be REAL soon.  If you see concrete or red brick, as viewed in this photo, they need work and will be available, well, in a little while.

Here is a set of very cute, teak, danish style, triangle nesting/stacking tables.  They need work.  I will try to get these tables refinished as soon as possible.

A danish styling rocking lounge chair with caning on the back rest and sculptural details.  This piece needs new strapping, some minor refinishing and new upholstery.  If you are up for the task before I get to it, please contact me.  I hope to add this piece to the top of the "repair" list.   It is It is a pretty piece and will add a hint of modern refinement to any room.

A vintage set of nesting tables in manner of Alvar Aalto by Woodpecker Industries of California.  These tables were made in occupied Japan and need Major work, or a little work if you do not mind authentic.  They are sturdy and the legs are in good condition.  The tops need work.  These tables are on the back of my refinish list, so if you find them interesting and are willing to put in the work, I will work with you on price.

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