Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Modern Coffee Table - Paul McCobb for Imperial Furniture Company??

So, I ran into this this beautiful, 6 foot, walnut, with a brass trim detail, coffee table at a local antique shop this week.  As I walked through the door, the table caught my eye. At first glance I recognized the brass trim as a detail Paul McCobb used for a few pieces in his Irwin Collection. The price was a little high for me, so I walked around the store for a little while, but I came back to this table.

I decided to turn the table over with the hopes I would see a Calvin - Irwin Collection by Paul McCobb emblem.  It was not there.  What was there was an Imperial Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, MI emblem.

I still wanted the table, not necessarily to sell, but for my personal residence.  We own a McCobb linear coffee table with travertine top that sits in our living room.  Only a few steps away is our family room.  I thought this piece would compliment the other coffee table we own. After a little negotiating, I walked out with the table.

So, I get home and "try" to research the Modern line of furniture by Imperial of Grand Rapids, MI.   Well, needless to say, there is not much...Except a blog by Jonathon Goldstein referencing Paul McCobbs brief stint with Imperial Furniture Company before Calvin Furniture purchased it in 1955.  And that is about all.

I still have no idea if this table is a McCobb, but needless to say, it is a beautiful, "linear", piece.  I will be doing more research and hope to share what I find soon.

Until then, you can read more from Jonathon Goldstein's blog here.

UPDATE: 4/24/2014:
This table is NOT Paul McCobb.  It appears to be influenced by Paul McCobb's Irwin Collection.  Thanks to help from Jonathan Goldstein, this piece is from Imperial's Embassy line '58 - '59.

Paul McCobb For Imperial Furniture Irwin Collection Coffee Table #1

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