Sunday, May 11, 2014

Design Trends | Interior Designers Requesting Risky, Bold, Authentic AND a mixture of Modern, French, Asian and Industrial Antique Furniture

Risky, Bold, Authentic and all unique design styles of furniture.  These criteria are what my design clients are requesting.  I am receiving more requests for chinoiserie, French, and industrial antiques than I am for Danish Modern or pieces from our American Modern greats.

Rooms that inspire, are warm, and inviting, using a mixture of complimenting design forms and colors is where I see the new design trend moving.  These rooms can easily become visually chaotic without the right placement of the pieces.

Rooms are turning into works of art, with the Interior Designer being the artist. The artists pallet becomes a Knoll Barcelona chair, a Louis XVI French Provincial side table, an English Chesterfield sofa, a chinoiserie dresser chest, a Harry Bertoia dandelion sculpture, a Chinese Chippendale armchair, a rusted industrial advertising cabinet, and so on and so on.  The mixture is limitless. Wow!!  I love it.

Where is Modern?  Well, in today's design trend, there is no longer a need to place styles in a fixed category like "Modern", "French", "country", "traditional", "rustic", or "traditional".  Similar to how the Modern movement uses and exposes various materials, you might say, the celebration of each piece of furniture, as it is, reflected and complimented by other forms or styles of furniture, is Modern.

Found on-line, here are a couple of rooms that support this new design trend. 

Found on-line at an article by Carla Schwartz
This room celebrates natural elements, yet does not have a distinct "style".  If this photo was not available, you might disagree that a Baughman influenced chrome and cowhide bench/coffee table and a black leather English Chesterfield Sofa compliment one another.  In this room, I beg to differ.  Modern, Mid-Century, chinoiserie, English....all lead to visually appealing and comfortable.

Found on-line at May, 9 2014 Favorite Rooms
An Arne Jacobsen Swan chair, a "traditional" white desk, a chrome mirror, all surrounded by contemporary cabinetry make up a corner of this bedroom.  Daring?  I think so, but it works, and works well.
This room speaks for for itself.  Risky, bold, authentic and a complimenting mixture of all forms/styles of furniture.  Pick up and move to my house, please!!

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