Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Coming Soon...Kai Kristiansen for Schou Andersen Danish Modern Dining Chairs w/ Teak Table & Jydsk Mobelindustri Teak Sideboard w/ Hutch

Here are a few more items I just got in.....

Jydsk Mobelindustri Teak Danish Modern Sideboard w/ Hutch
A Danish Modern, 71", Jydsk Mobelindustri teak sideboard with hutch on top.  Many of my clients no longer want the hutch.  The beautiful thing about this piece is the top is not attached.   If you are interested, please inquire.  Make sure to check to see the availability.

Kai Kristiansen for Schou Andersen Danish Modern Dining Chairs w/ Teak Table
A wonderful set of 6, Danish Modern, Kai Kristiansen for Schou Andersen Dining Chairs.  The chairs are in remarkable condition with original upholstery.  Available soon.  If interested, please inquire.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coming Soon....Paul McCobb for Widdicomb Pair of Mid-Century Modern Symmetric Lounge Chairs, Plus More

I have several pedigree items coming in.  I hope to share everything here over the next couple of weeks.  Recently in, a pair of Paul McCobb for Widdicomb symmetric lounge chairs.  These chairs will be available in a week or two.  The chairs have new upholstery, new foam, new batting and new strapping. I am waiting on a few small touch-ups. I also have a symmetric high back lounge chair that is finishing up and will also be available soon. If you are interested in these chairs, please inquire.  Price: +/- $6,250, Pair.

Paul McCobb for Widdicomb Mid-Century Modern Symmetric Lounge Chairs