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I Buy Single Pieces OR Multiple Items....

I’m always looking for special pieces.  Each item I purchase is on a case by case basis. If your item is a piece of furniture, art, pottery, glass, lighting or accessory and fits into one or more of these categories, I might  consider your piece:

Art Deco (1920’s – mid 1940’s)
Pre-WWII Modern (1930’s-1940’s)
Danish Modern (1950’s – mid 1970’s)
Mid-Century Modern (1950’s – 1970’s)
Industrial (1890-1960’s)
Asian Influenced (until 1970)
Contemporary Modern Furniture (1980’s- Present)

A Little More Info..

Most of my sellers live in Colorado. I have purchased items from as far as New York. Shipping one piece can become expensive. I would travel further for multiple pieces. If you live outside the state of Colorado, please feel free to share your item(s) with me.

I accept consignments, in the Denver, Metro area, on a case by case basis. 

Estate Sales / Estate Liquidation?
I do not offer Estate Sale / Liquidation unless I am purchasing the entire estate. More often than not, only certain pieces from the estate work for me. Do not be alarmed.  In certain circumstances, it makes sense for me to purchase a specific item(s) and let an Estate Liquidation company handle the rest of the estate sale. I work closely with honest and reliable Estate Liquidation companies in the Denver Metro area. If I cannot help you, I can refer you to a company that can. I do not receive any royalties, kick-backs, or fees for my referrals. I would be happy to walk you through this scenario.

If you are interested, please call me or use this form to upload photos, a description of the item, and your contact information. I will review the information and get back to you promptly.

Thank you for your consideration!